Ticon Titanium Components

Ticon Industries was founded in 2014 as a solution to provide high-quality titanium fabrication components for racing enthusiasts and fabricators alike. Prior to Ticon, if you needed a titanium component fabricated, it involved buying scrap from an aerospace company; that is if you could even find the proper size. This option also lacked the material control of what you were actually purchasing. Ticon Industries has revolutionized the fabrication industry by providing the highest quality components tailored specifically for the motorsports community. All of their sheet and tubing products are manufactured from the highest quality, commercially pure grade 1 titanium (CP1) which is carefully monitored by Ticon Industries from its ore state to its finished product state. No one else in the industry can claim that! This ensures that you receive the quality and consistency that you have to come to expect from your Ticon Industries products. The company revels in its outstanding customer service and extensive product development program, and currently offers and supports over 300 individual part numbers! Ticon Industries’ company focus and new product development have and will continue to be written by you, the fabricators and enthusiasts.
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