Rywire Wiring

Established in 2005, Rywire Motorsports Electronics harnesses power champions around the world in disciplines such as off-road racing, land speed racing, Formula Drift, drag racing, and road racing. They are most known for their Honda applications, along with engine bay wiring and accessories.

The company maintains an extensive database of specific OEM and custom engine specifications to reference when creating a harness from scratch and can manufacture both direct-replacement and fully custom harnesses. RME wire harnesses use Raychem DR-25 heat shrink covering and adhesive-lined wire junctions to keep moisture out. Each connector is crimped with pneumatic heads to ensure an OEM-level crimp every time, then tagged with a yellow identification label for easy installation. All heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded with proper wire covering. Rywire Motorsports Electronics also manufactures accessories that complement their wiring harnesses, such as radiators and ignition upgrades.

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