Racequip Racing Safety Equipment

In 2006, RaceQuip was purchased by Vesta Motorsports USA, Inc., led by longtime motorsports entrepreneur Patrick Utt. Since experience is vital in the racing safety industry, the company decided to retain some of the best and brightest people to design, produce, and market RaceQuip's products.

Racers worldwide can now look to the RaceQuip name for all their motorsports safety needs. The RaceQuip brand will carry on the tradition of premium materials, designs, and features while catering to the budget-conscious grassroots racer.

To better serve customers, RaceQuip has maintained some US production in "The Custom Shop," located in Irmo, South Carolina. This facility combines the capability to produce RaceQuip products to exacting standards while also offering custom-built suits and embroidery for racers. In addition to the South Carolina facility, RaceQuip products are built to the company's quality design standards at RaceQuip's overseas cut and sew manufacturing facilities. The combination of multiple manufacturing facilities both in the USA and abroad allows RaceQuip to deliver products for every level of racer regardless of experience or budget. RaceQuip's mission is to carry on the tradition of providing "The Best Value in Safety."

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