Pedal Commander Throttle Controller

Pedal Commander is a Throttle Response Controller that removes response delays on your electronic accelerator pedal. Effectively, it allows your engine to respond faster. As a result, your car can accelerate faster. You paid lots of money for your car, but when you press your gas pedal, you feel like you are pressing a sponge. It's time to get rid of that lag and turn it up with a Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller.

Pedal Commander has 4 different control modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+. Each control mode has 8 different sensitivity levels which you can choose. These 36 different parameters, in total, is what make Pedal Commander stand apart from all other competitors. Pedal Commander is fully programmable to your desire and is also available with Bluetooth Capabilities.

View all EPA:N/A LTL:N MPN:PC07-BT MPN:PC07-BT-GMC MPN:PC07-BT-HUM MPN:PC07-BT-JEEPCH MPN:PC07-BT-TNT MPN:PC08-BT MPN:PC09-BT MPN:PC10-BT MPN:PC14-BT MPN:PC15-BT MPN:PC151-BT MPN:PC152-BT MPN:PC17-BT MPN:PC18-BT MPN:PC19-BT MPN:PC20-BT MPN:PC200-BT MPN:PC21-BT MPN:PC22-BT MPN:PC23-BT MPN:PC24-BT MPN:PC25-BT MPN:PC26-BT MPN:PC27-BT MPN:PC29-BT MPN:PC30-BT MPN:PC31-BT MPN:PC32-BT MPN:PC33-BT MPN:PC35-BT MPN:PC36-BT MPN:PC37-BT MPN:PC38-BT MPN:PC39-BT MPN:PC40-BT MPN:PC41-BT MPN:PC42-BT MPN:PC43-BT MPN:PC45-BT MPN:PC46-BT MPN:PC47-BT MPN:PC48-BT MPN:PC49-BT MPN:PC50-BT MPN:PC51-BT MPN:PC52-BT MPN:PC54-BT MPN:PC55-BT MPN:PC58-BT MPN:PC59-BT MPN:PC60-BT MPN:PC61-BT MPN:PC62-BT MPN:PC63-BT MPN:PC64-BT MPN:PC65-BT MPN:PC71-BT MPN:PC72-BT MPN:PC73-BT MPN:PC74-BT MPN:PC75-BT MPN:PC77-BT MPN:PC78-BT MPN:PC79-BT MPN:PC80 Non-CARB:N Programmers & Chips>Throttle Controllers Prop65:N SpecialOrder:N SpecialOrder:Y TURN14_ID:232329 TURN14_ID:232330 TURN14_ID:232331 TURN14_ID:232332 TURN14_ID:232333 TURN14_ID:232334 TURN14_ID:232335 TURN14_ID:232336 TURN14_ID:232337 TURN14_ID:232338 TURN14_ID:232339 TURN14_ID:232340 TURN14_ID:232341 TURN14_ID:232342 TURN14_ID:232343 TURN14_ID:232344 TURN14_ID:232345 TURN14_ID:232346 TURN14_ID:232347 TURN14_ID:232348 TURN14_ID:232349 TURN14_ID:232350 TURN14_ID:232351 TURN14_ID:232352 TURN14_ID:232353 TURN14_ID:232354 TURN14_ID:232355 TURN14_ID:232356 TURN14_ID:232357 TURN14_ID:232358 TURN14_ID:232359 TURN14_ID:232360 TURN14_ID:232361 TURN14_ID:232362 TURN14_ID:232363 TURN14_ID:232364 TURN14_ID:232365 TURN14_ID:232366 TURN14_ID:232368 TURN14_ID:232369 TURN14_ID:232370 TURN14_ID:232371 TURN14_ID:232372 TURN14_ID:232373 TURN14_ID:232374 TURN14_ID:232375 TURN14_ID:232376 TURN14_ID:232377 TURN14_ID:232378 TURN14_ID:232379 TURN14_ID:232380 TURN14_ID:232381 TURN14_ID:232382 TURN14_ID:232383 TURN14_ID:232384 TURN14_ID:232385 TURN14_ID:232386 TURN14_ID:232387 TURN14_ID:232388 TURN14_ID:232389 TURN14_ID:316947 TURN14_ID:316956 TURN14_ID:316958 TURN14_ID:316961 TURN14_ID:433503

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