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King Shocks has a comprehensive product line with shocks available for any application from stock trucks to all out race vehicles. Selecting the shock you need depends on your driving style, your vehicles specific configuration and its intended use. A shock that works well on a lightweight sand car or UTV cannot deliver the same results on a heavy 4X4 truck or unlimited race vehicle.
Stock vehicles are sometimes limited when it comes to shock upgrades due to clearance issues that may exist. If you have a stock or lifted truck, the easiest way to get a huge performance advantage is to install one of our bolt on OEM upgrade kits that are designed to work with your vehicle. The OEM upgrade kits have already been subjected to hours of real world testing to develop the correct damping curves and/or spring rates to match your vehicle. The same is true if you need shocks for your UTV, King has shock upgrade kits for stock or long travel UTV's that deliver incredible performance.
King Shocks makes many different shocks that are designed to work with your suspension. In order to select the correct shock you need to determine what each shock type does.

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