B&M Transmissions

Since the early 1950s, B&M Racing and Performance has been at the forefront of the automotive aftermarket, meeting the demands of racing and performance enthusiasts. Throughout the years, B&M has worked constantly to provide their customers with innovative and improved products. B&M offers everything from OE replacement parts to racing transmission products including shifters, flexplates, coolers, torque converters, and more.

Founded in the 1950s by a group of racers, B&M Racing and Performance has a very long history in the industry. The founders of B&M Racing and Performance began developing transmission parts with the needs of racers and street performance enthusiasts in mind. As the aftermarket performance industry grew, B&M Racing and Performance followed suit. B&M developed improved products that allowed them to set records, then break those records. In the 1950s, one of the key products for B&M Racing and Performance was the only patented 4-speed automatic racing transmission in history, known as the iconic B&M Hydro Stick. In 1965, drag racing saw the first 200 mph Top Fuel run in history with a B&M transmission on board. B&M Racing and Performance didn't stop there, they also developed the first automatic transmission for Indy Car racing.

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