Clevite 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 3500 2500 L6 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel B Series 0.25mm Undersize Connecting Rod Bearing Set


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SKU: cleCB1873AP25MM

Clevite 2003-2013 Dodge Ram 3500 2500 L6 5.9L 6.7L Cummins Diesel B Series 0.25mm Undersize Connecting Rod Bearing Set - cleCB1873AP25MM
Description: Engine Connecting Rod Bearing Pair
Bearing Material: TM-112
Bearing Series: P
Size: 0.25mm Undersize
Bearing Item Grade: OE Replacement
Bearing Note: Tri -Metal Upper Bearing, Bi- Metal Aluminum Lower Bearing

CleviteŒ¬ engine bearings have an extensive, long-standing history with racing. The Clevite product has been winning NASCAR-sanctioned races since 1948, and is the exclusive bearing of NASCAR Performance.
Clevite offers the most extensive line of performance engine bearings in the market. Their range of performance engine bearings is designed to provide winning results even in the most demanding applications. The company's involvement in INDY, NASCAR, ARCA, NHRA and IHRA racing as well as other forms of motorsports has proven Clevite to be the leaders in engine bearing technology both on the track and off.
Since their development of the first precision insert-type bearing in 1929, Clevite engine bearings have set the pace for engineering quality. Clevite engine bearings are built above industry standards for strength and durability. The majority of Clevite performance engine bearings utilize a superior TriMetal䋢 design first developed by Clevite 50 years ago and perfected over time. This design incorporates the strength of a copper-lead alloy layer on a precision steel back and finally, a precision electroplated white metal "babbitt" surface layer. TriMetal is an ideal design, producing a degree of conformability, embedability, slipperiness and fatigue resistance, not found in many original equipment and competitive bi-metal bearings.
The exclusive Clevite TriArmor engine bearings feature the industry's only engine moly/graphite treatment. This sophisticated blend, in a low friction PTFE polymer base, offers extraordinary protection and lubricity. Enhanced wear characteristics increase bearing life in race engines and high performance street engines.
It's no wonder that Clevite is used more often than any other bearings in cars worldwide and in most race cars. In addition, Clevite has been in most winning engines at Indianapolis and NASCAR. And that's why, year after year, quality engines everywhere turn on Clevite bearings.

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