AEM 4 Channel Coil Driver


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SKU: AEM30-2840

AEM 4 Channel Coil Driver - aem30-2840
Notes: 4 Channel Coil Driver
Manufacturer: AEM Electronics

AEM 4 Channel Coil Driver: The AEM model 30-2840 Four Channel Coil Driver is custom manufactured to AEM's specifications by HCO Electronic GmbH in their ISO 9001 facility in Germany. It has been specially designed by AEM for driving the high power dwell controlled ignition coils commonly found on performance engines.

*The 30-2840 Kit contains:*
* Four Channel Coil Driver
* Five Pin Mating Connector
* Four Pin Mating Connector
* 10 Terminals & Wire seals (one extra of each as a precaution)
* Mounting hardware
* Thermal Grease

It is critical that this driver module be mounted to a flat metallic surface and that the supplied thermal grease applied between the module and its mounting surface. This is required to allow the heat generated to be conducted away. Failure to mount the driver in this manner will cause a premature failure and will void the warranty.

*Trigger Setup*
Pay special attention when connecting this unit as improper wiring or incorrect ECU configuration can destroy the module, your coils or your ECU. If you are not 100% sure of your configuration do not power up the system until you are. This module takes a 5V logic level trigger signal (falling edge trigger) which is configured to fire the coil on its falling edge and converts it to a switched ground where the ignition coil is grounded when the input signal is high and the ignition coil is fired (disconnected) when the input signal falls from 5V to ground.

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