Access Original 99-08 Ford Ranger 6ft Flareside Bed Roll-Up Cover


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SKU: ACC11139
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In 1991 ACI invented the ACCESS Original Roll-Up Cover, the first roll up truck bed cover of its kind. Other roll up covers have entered the market since then, but none have been tested, trusted, and guaranteed longer than the ACCESS Original Roll-Up Cover. The company's focus on precise fit, top quality materials, and lasting performance is the reason for their very low warranty claim rate and exceptionally high repeat customer rate.
ACCESS Roll-Up Covers have been tested across North America in both extreme cold and hot climates, trusted by truck owners for a quarter of a century and are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship. The ACCESS Roll-Up Cover gives the freedom to use your truck bed the way you want. Simply roll the cover open to haul tall loads and then roll the cover closed for superior protection.
One size does not fit all. ACCESS Roll-Up Covers are model specific, resulting in sleek, clean lines and the tightest fit. Their American made tonneau covers are low maintenance and long lasting; they keep rolling through years of use.

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