Clevite 1958-1978 Ford Engine V8 352-390-428cid Connecting Rod Bearing Set (Pair)


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Description: Engine Connecting Rod Bearing Pair
Unit of Measure: Inches
Bearing Material: TM-77
Standard Shaft Diameter (min.): 2.4380
Standard Shaft Diameter (max.): 2.4388
Vertical Oil Clearance (min.): 0.0001
Vertical Oil Clearance (max.): 0.0025
Max. Wall: 0.076
Max. Length: 0.734
Bearing O.D. or Housing Bore (min.): 2.5907
Bearing O.D. or Housing Bore (max.): 2.5915
Bearing Series: P
Size: Standard
Bearing Item Grade: OE Replacement

Ideal for rebuilding engines where more demanding use is anticipated, such as heavy duty, motorsports, or street performance. As it is the most versatile replacement engine bearing, P-Series is suitable for most OE applications. Due to the increased load capacity of the Tri-Metal design, it is a suitable upgrade from Bi-Metal engine bearings.

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