BLOX Racing Type-C Race Camshafts for K20A2

BLOX Racing

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BLOX Racing Type-C Race Camshafts for K20A2 -ξBXCM-10202ξ
Notes:ξTuner Series Camshafts; Race Only
Manufacturer:ξBlox Racingξ
Style:ξType C

BLOX Camshafts - Tuner Series:ξBLOX Tuner Series Camshafts use OEM camshaft lobe designs, with BLOX profile specifications. BLOX Racing Tuner Series camshafts offer increased horsepower and torque over the entire RPM range. All camshafts are designed and manufactured using the latest software and casting technologies. BLOX Racing offers engine builders, performance enthusiasts and racers of all levels different profiles to best meet specific needs for the best value.ξ

* Type A - Okay to use with factory valvetrain components.
* Type B - Strongly recommend using with BLOX dual valve springs.
* HSL (High Speed Lift) - Must use with BLOX dual valve springs and Ti retainers.ξ

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