Autometer MCX Series Kit Box Tachometer Speedometer Combo/ Electronic Oil Pressure Water Temperature Volt and Fuel Meter Level


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Autometer MCX Series Kit Box Tachometer Speedometer Combo/ Electronic Oil Pressure Water Temperature Volt and Fuel Meter Level -ξam1103
Notes:ξMCX Series; Quad Gauge Kits; w/ Tachometer/Speedo Combo
Manufacturer:ξAuto Meterξ
Tach:ξ8000 RPM
Voltmeter:ξ8-18 Volts
Oil Pressure:ξ0-100 PSI
Speedo:ξ120 MPH
Water Temp:ξ100-250 F
Fuel Level:ξ240E / 33F

Auto Meter MCX Gauges:ŒæPut some flash in your dash with Auto Meteräó»s NEW MCX series!

These instruments combine American muscle heritage styling, custom chrome accents, and Auto Meteräó»s signature Full-Dial, bright white, LED lighting. A combination that provides the look you want with the lighting you need to tell whatäó»s going on under the hood on those late night cruises!

Gauge Face: Black/White
Gauge Bezel: Chrome
Dials: Orange
Illumination: White LED 'through the dial' lighting
Sizes: 2-1/16", 3-3/8", 5"

Available in:

* Digital - Bright, LED lit, digital gauges use micro processor controlled displays for the ultimate in precise, high-tech readings. Look to our digital units when you need an eye catching visual reference and an exact numeric reading.

* Full Sweep Electric - Powered by digital microprocessor-controlled, rugged stepper motor drives & laboratory grade sending units, Full Sweep Electric Gauges are the BEST gauges available. They combine Extreme Durability & Readability of 270 degree sweep mechanical gauges w/ the Easy Installation & Safe Operation of short sweep electrics. Track Tested & Race Proven, these units use precision senders to keep hazardous fluids out of the driver compartment, and perform gauge calibration and sensor diagnostics at power up for Extreme Accuracy, every time. Most units compatible w/ Auto Meter Data Logger for the ultimate race info center.

* In-Dash Tachs & Speedos - When youäó»re ready to put the best instrumentation available in your vehicle, donäó»t settle for slow and inaccurate factory equipment. Our In Dash Tachs and Speedos, feature our famous high performance movements and are designed with seamless dashboard mount in mind for the ultimate driver information center. Available in a variety of configurations and sizes to accommodate diverse applications.

* Quad Gauge - Features multiple data inputs so all you need is one gauge to monitor multiple parameters. Choose from Speedo/Tach or Fuel Level/Oil Press/Water Temp/Volts. Replace you entire dash with two gauges!

* Short Sweep Electric - Advanced 90 degree air core movements and simple three wire installation characterize these high performance instruments. Electric sending units keep hazardous fluids in the engine compartment sending collected data via an electrical signal to quick reacting, precise air core movements to give you all the information that you need and nothing that you donäó»t.

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