Autometer 1996+ OBD-II Equipped Vehicles Wireless Data Module Bluetooth DashLink for Android Phones


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Autometer 1996+ OBD-II Equipped Vehicles Wireless Data Module Bluetooth DashLink for Android Phones -ξam6032
Description: DashLink Bluetooth Module

AutoMeteräó»s new, innovative DashLink system is an extremely versatile, plug and play, secure Bluetooth ODBII instrumentation network designed to provide advanced displays and performance data to drivers with vehicles 1996 and newer. The DashLink purchase includes an intuitive Android app with a download code securely nestled in the retail friendly packaging.
To use DashLink simply connect the control module to the vehicleäó»s OBDII port, download the app using the included code, program the appropriate vehicle into the app, and go play!
DashLink is an inexpensive scan tool, virtual dashboard, performance gauge system, GPS track mapper, and data logger thatäó»s easy to install and fun to use.
- Simple äóñ
Utilizes OEM sending units to output dozens of engine parameters. Consumers no longer need to pierce the firewall or install dedicated sensors to have functional instrumentation.
- Installs in Seconds äóñ Just plug in the module to the OBDII port, download the app to your preferred Android mobile device, program your vehicle, and enjoy!
Screen Options!
- Gauges äóñ
Configurable virtual dashboard, which allows the user to create their own gauges or purchase one of the predesigned popular AutoMeter series like Ultra-Lite, Phantom, Cobalt, and Elite.
- Diagnostics äóñ Scan, diagnose, and clear engine codes.
- Performance äóñ Determine 0-60, Œ_ mile time, horsepower, braking performance and share/compare with friends for bragging rights.
- Dashboards äóñ Monitor key engine and performance data, shift points, live fuel consumption metrics, and fuel usage in recent trips.
- Data Grid äóñ Choose parameters and data log using the internal memory of the mobile device to playback, save, and share recordings.
- Race Track - GPS track mapping which shows where the vehicle went around the track with lap times and acceleration/deceleration graphing.
- Inclinometer äóñ Utilizes the mobile deviceäó»s internals to determine pitch & roll.
- Skid Pad äóñ Monitor forward and lateral Gäó»s with min/max memory.
- Warranty Friendly äóñ Completely reversible by simply unplugging the module from the vehicle. Leaves no äóìfingerprintsäó? on the vehicle network.
- Easily Transferable äóñYou can effortlessly move DashLink from vehicle to vehicle by transporting the module to your friendäó»s car/truck and programming the new vehicle into the intuitive app.

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