Agency Power 2012+ Porsche 981 Cayman/ Cayman GT4/ Boxster SS Exhaust Muffler


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Agency Power 2012+ Porsche 981 Cayman/ Cayman GT4/ Boxster SS Exhaust Muffler -ξAP-981-170
Description: AP 12+ Porsche 981 Cayman/Boxster SS Exhaust Muffler

Agency Power has become well known for their high quality exhaust systems. The Porsche 981 Boxster was released in the summer of 2012 with a total redesign from the previous 987 chassis design. The direct fuel injection Porsche which is available in either the 2. 7L or 3. 4L engine, lacks the sports car grunt. To meet regulations and sound restrictions, the factory exhaust does rob alittle power and performance which can easily be uncorked. The new Agency Power exhaust system for the Porsche 981 is a complete header back kit. It features secondary cat bypass pipes and a dual muffler with a large dual tip. With an all stainless steel construction featuring exquisite TIG welding and polished piping, the exhaust system including mounting bracket is a direct replacement for the OEM unit.
As tested on our Mustang all wheel drive dyno, the muffler in comparison to stock added a peak of 7whp and 11ft/lbs of torque over stock. Because of the sensitivity of the traction control, the car must be tested in AWD mode which typically yields lower numbers then a RWD test only. However the most impressive gains were between 2500 and 4300 rpmäó»s which are typical driving conditions to get you from 0-60 much quicker.
The exhaust has a more aggressive tone then stock but is still very comfortable for daily use. It is designed to fit the 2013 and up Porsche 981 Boxster and Cayman. It will fit the Non-S, S, and GT4 versions. No cutting or welding required. Optional headers sold separately. All Agency Power parts come with a limited lifetime warranty when you fill out the form here.

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