Agency Power 05+ BMW E63 M6 Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust


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AP 05+ BMW E63 M6 Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust -ξAP-E63M6-170ξ
Notes:ξElectronic Valve Controlled Exhaust
Manufacturer:ξAgency Power

Agency Power Exhaust - Electronic Valve Controlled:ŒæAgency Power set out to produce the best exhaust system to appeal to the entire market. The solution is simple, create a high performance, quality built product with variable exhaust sound and performance. Aggressive when you want it, quiet when you donäó»t.Œæ

The Agency Power valve controlled exhaust gives the user the ability to control the performance and sound of the exhaust with the push of a button. The high quality dual, TIG welded stainless steel system, is like fitting an OEM component to your vehicle. Including all necessary hardware for fitment, there is no cutting, welding, or adjustment required. The bolt-on system saves a lot of weight off the back end of the car, compared to the bulky stock unit.ξ

At the push of a remote button, a valve opens up on each muffler giving you a race mode with maximum performance. Where other exhausts are always loud, the Agency Power exhaust can be loud only when you want it, giving you a roaring sound, or quiet for smooth city or freeway cruising. With the valves closed, having a conversation, talking on your phone, or listening to music is comfortable. The performance you get from race mode exceeds others systems in sound and quality. With the powerful engine, the Agency Power exhaust extracts additional horsepower and torque.ξ

If youäó»re looking for an exhaust that gives you the best of both worlds, then the Agency Power system is the only choice to keep the luxury of your vehicle along with its race inspired roots all in one package.

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