AEM Universal 52mm Gauge Boot


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AEM Universal 52mm Gauge Boot - aem30-8444
Notes: Gauge Boot
Manufacturer: AEM

AEM Universal Gauge Boot:


AEM's Universal Gauge Boot acts like a wet suit or shower cap for any 52mm gauge. It is made of silicone and is designed to stretch onto the back virtually any 52mm gauge and keeps dust and water out of the back of the gauge... dust and weather proof when installed correctly - however, IT IS NOT WATER PROOF!


If you have a race car, off road truck, motorcycle, Ruckus, snowmobile, ATV or other vehicle that is in a muddy/dusty/snowy/weather exposed environment, you need to protect the back of your gauges. Even under the dash of a race car, the back of the gauge is exposed to dirt and dust, which can deteriorate the electronics in your gauge. Our gauge boot protects your gauges to maximize performance and longevity.


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