AEM Dyno-Shaft On-Vehicle Dynamometer - Pro Series - 30 on 31 Spline 1.685" OD


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AEM Dyno-Shaft On-Vehicle Dynamometer - Pro Series - 30 on 31 Spline 1.685" OD - aem30-4856
Notes: Dyno-Shaft Pro Series; Fits Tremec TKO, TKO-500, TKO-600; 30 On 31 Spline, 1.685" Seal Diameter; Uses 1350 Series U-Joint
Manufacturer: AEM

AEM Dyno-Shaft On-Vehicle Dyno System - Sportsman Series: AEM's Sportsman Series Dyno-Shaft on-vehicle dynamometer system is literally a dyno on your car. It is as accurate as the most respected dynamometers in the industry. It provides real, accurate Horsepower and Torque numbers that are produced by measuring a vehicle's Torque and RPM at the driveline, while you drive! The Dyno-Shaft Sportsman Series is designed for competitive amateur racers and serious performance enthusiasts whose applications can utilize a cast iron slip yoke. For higher stress applications, the Dyno-Shaft Pro Series kit features a CNC-machined Chrome Moly slip yoke.

* Measures Torque and RPM at the driveline to deliver real Horsepower and Torque numbers
* Does not skew readings like accelerometer-based units äóñ No assumptions, real data!
* Eliminates guesswork when troubleshooting or making changes at the track
* Create dyno charts which can be saved, printed, or shared electronically (requires AQ-1 Data Logger)
* Sportsman slip yoke is manufactured from ductile cast iron
* Sportsman slip yoke splines are manufactured from a broaching process that produces industry-leading mating fit parts
* Sportsman slip yoke is temperature compensated and individually calibrated (two-point calibration) for load

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