Boundary Nissan RB26DETT N1 2.6L Billet Oil Pump Gear


SKU: bouRB26N1-OPG

Boundary Nissan RB26DETT N1 2.6L Billet Oil Pump Gear - bouRB26N1-OPG

The RB26N1-OPG from Boundary Racing Pumps throws away the weak asymmetrical rotor design and replaces it with their own race-inspired symmetrical gear pattern. This design is tried and tested in endurance, rally, drag, and road course work. The gerotor set utilizes the same chromoly billet core material utilized in all of Boundary Racing Pumps’ gears giving you complete protection from catastrophic failure. For even harder wearing applications such as drifting or over 9000 rpm operation, the company offers its own in-house MartenWear thermal processing. This will give the driver reliability in the harshest wet-sump environments to deal with crank walk and extreme RPM engine demands.

The RB26N1 georotor is designed to be tighter sealing and created to be higher volume so it will have a slight uptick in idle pressure and mid-range pressure up to the relief valve limit. It also has the designed patent-pending crankshaft interface which reduces wear on the crank surfaces and eliminates the need for crank spline drives. This is a huge benefit to the customer, instead of having to go through the expensive operation of removing the crank, machining it, and then pressing on a special interface unit to drive the gear, the buyer can simply put the gears in the housing and run them as a stock replacement.

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